Think Outside the News: Back to the Future Part II to be reclassified from satire to political biopic

Biff Tannen as Trump

Popular sci-fi sequel Back to the Future Part II — in which a wild-haired megalomaniac seizes power and transforms America into a lawless dystopia — is to be reconsidered by film critics as a historical biopic.

The plot follows Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they attempt to thwart the wealthy and corrupt womaniser Biff Tannen, who was acquired his undeserved wealth by stealing the DeLorean. Biff proceeds to use his money exclusively for quenching his own thirst for despotic power and hot pieces of ass.

For a long time thought to be a lighthearted and satirical family film, the second instalment of the BTTF trilogy will instead be placed alongside Schindler’s List, Hotel Rwanda and The Killing Fields as a dark and disturbing depiction of real life events.

Biff portrait

“I used to love watching Back to the Future Part II as the fantastical piece of escapism I thought it was but, now it turns out to have been true all along, I feel like I need to go back and consider it with the seriousness it deserves,” said Rebecca Dudley, a human woman from Northampton.

The movie’s director Robert Zemeckis said: “I was surprised when we were overlooked for the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar in 1990 — they usually lap this biography stuff up.

“I mean for God’s sake, that was the year Dead Poet’s Society got nominated, and that was bloody awful.’

Historians are now planning to scour the history books to double-check whether or not William Wallace was actually an anti-semitic Australian, and that the entire Jurassic era wasn’t actually just a theme park.


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