Think Outside the News: ITV to launch channel aimed exclusively at black people

Fresh from the news that ITV is to launch a television channel aimed at younger women and ‘housewives with children’, the network has announced that it will also be launching a channel targeted specifically at the black community.

ITVBro will screen repeats of The Montel Williams Show, Wayan Brothers movies at the weekends and a Coronation Street spin-off, Coronation Street. The channel will air during the day – when it is presumed black people are at home – until 7p.m., by which time the network expect them all to be “out roaming the streets, intimidating white people and robbing from houses.”

ITVBe & ITVBro - Because they know what's best for you

ITVBe & ITVBro – Because they know what’s best for you

“It’s really important that we stay relevant to all different walks of life and ethnicities, and for us, this means segregating different demographics into clearly defined boxes” said Peter Fincham, ITV’s Director of Television.

“We’re proud of our continuing work towards gender and racial equality, and we feel that  ITVBe is a big step forward for women in television, and that ITVBro will be an equally important step forward for Coloureds.”

The network are hoping that with the introduction of the new channels catering for lower class and ethnic people, they will be able to focus ITV1’s output on white, middle-class people.

“I really enjoy settling down on a Sunday evening for a bit of Mr. Selfridge or Downton Abbey with a cup of tea and a scone,” said Angela Fotherington, a cheeseboard arranger from Tunbridge Wells.

“I’m not racist, but I’d just really prefer not to see adverts for Trevor Nelson compilation albums or Reggae Reggae Sauce when I’m trying to eat.”

However ITV’s Chief Executive Adam Crozier insisted that viewers would continue to see black people on ITV’s main channels.

“We of course want to continue to use black actors in our ITV1 programming,” said Crozier.

“After all, who else is going to play housekeepers, drug dealers or illegal immigrants?”



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