Think Outside the News: Katie Hopkins is an ironic modern art installation

Katie Hopkins, the former Apprentice contestant-turned television personality who caused a Twitter outrage after commenting on the life expectancy of Scots in the wake of the Glasgow helicopter crash, is actually a modern art installation come-to-life, it has been revealed.

Casey Jenkins, the artist who also knits scarves using wool she inserts into her own vagina, explained that Katie Hopkins was originally meant as a comment on the judgement-espousing and bile-spewing media commentators who have become commonplace in the UK.

Katie Hopkins: Hates you and your fat kids.

Katie Hopkins: Hates you and your fat kids.

“I created Katie out of a collection of my used tampons fused together with dog excrement,” explained Ms. Jenkins.

“Unfortunately it somehow formed a consciousness and got itself on the telly. To be honest I’m now a bit worried that my vagina scarves are going to transform into homophobic, racist snake people.”

Since Katie Hopkins Tweeted her joke about how Scottish people die younger than the richer, slimmer English people, a petition was started to get her dropped from ITV’s This Morning and Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.

“I’m a bit torn over the whole thing actually,” said Tom McShane, a man, from Rugby.

“I believe people should have the right to say what they want even if it does offend others.

“But on the other hand, she is an absolute cunt.”