The Indomitable ‘First Blog Post’ Post

So here we are.

Zero hour on my new blog ‘Think Outside the Box’ and there are at least four people who have been eagerly awaiting the first entry on what will be the world’s 48,956,013th blog about TV and film. As they cling onto their specially produced TOTB-debut post commemorative memorabilia – including mug, t-shirt and decorative plate – and wondering what the bloody hell I’m going to be writing about anyway, it is likely that the disappointing realisation that I will be writing in the same self-deprecating style as everyone else always does, like a shit Charlie Brooker, will soon begin to dawn.

So, intrepid reader or blogs, what is it about Think Outside the Box that should have you coming back for more on a regular basis like a drug-addled hobo to a methadone clinic? No, it’s not the use of inexplicable metaphors or over-elaborated prose, but something more; something greater. Something that says, “Yes the world of television and movies and other assortments of bullshit we do need another voice passing off other people’s opinions as their own and by Jove we’re going to listen!”

And so, almost as quickly as it began, my first post is almost at its end – so what have we learned? Well firstly I have learned that WordPress blogs are about as customisable as your average house brick and that writing an opening blog post, essentially a post that has to be at once enticing and about nothing specific, is particularly tricky.

As for what you can actually expect from this blog in the foreseeable future, who can say? You’ll need to try and Think Outside the Box.


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